I was asked to look at a type treatment for Hearts of Iron IV's latest expansion pack 'No Step Back'. Looking at old Soviet posters to take inspiration, the type was based on a constructivist poster from the 20’s “All workers choose the Soviets!”.
The video launched at PDXCON REMIXED 2021 and was watched live by 32K people, gaining 250K YT views in under 3 days.
Client: Paradox Interactive / Development Studio
Agency: Blacklist Play Games
Creative Lead, Video 3D motion graphics & textures: Liam Bunston
Logo expansion typography: me

One idea was to have the logo stamped onto an enamel pin badge. This route was not selected but the 3D model created by Liam was looking pretty exciting.
Soviet pins were very popular at the time:
The blueprint texture used in the video was built from adapted actual tank elements.

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