Photo by Kate G Hibbs
I’m Lewis, a freelance Creative Art Director / Graphic Designer based predominantly in London. For the past ~16 years I’ve been exploring various creative disciplines from graphic design and illustration, to laser cutting, making products, working in film, and even building a co-working studio. I design with alignment and intuition, with a love for simplicity, geometry and patterns.
In my spare time I travel, study and make music, write poetry, practice meditation, volunteer with a few charities, and my current personal projects are:
— Writing a children’s book, Boy and a Cloud;
— Developing the MPS-1 plant music device with Masterplants.
— Developing a board game, A Journey To The Stars;
— Making a radio show, Sunshine Music for Night Time People –here;
— Making a typeface on Twitch: –here.
Skills and services I offer:
Logo and brand identity
Art direction
Design consultancy
Squarespace website design
PowerPoint presentation pitch and deck design
Art Department film work
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible brands and agencies as a designer and creative:
Brands: Arts Club London  •  Bacardi  •  BBE Records  •  The Breakfast Club  •  Bombay Sapphire  •  BT  •  Creative Industries Federation  •  Deliveroo  •  Dewar's  •  Family Action  •  FIFA  •  Google  •  Google Play Music  •  The Guardian  •  Hardy's Wine  •  HSBC  •  Kerb  •  LEGO  •  Lumunu  •  LV=  •  NewMotion  •  Pernod Ricard  •  Président  •  Playground Games  •  Red Bull  •  Skoda  •  Sodexo  •  Sony Music  •  TKMaxx  •  YouTube
Agencies: Attention Seekers  •  Blacklist Creative  •  Blacklist Play Games  •  Blueprint  •  Cavendish Pictures  •  Craftwork  •  The Cultural Content Lab  •  Eccentric Music Norway  •  Edelman  •  Eight Arms  •  Engine  •  Finch Interiors  •  Flux Broadcast  •  The Great Oven  •  Goldstar Music  •  Isobar  •  Lansons  •  The Long Time Project  •  Ogilvy PR  •  Opinium  •  Propeller Records  •  Rubber Republic  •  Slice  •  SweetDoh Productions  •  Tinderflint Productions  •  Unspun  •  W Comms  •  Wonder London
If you would like to work on a project together please get in touch:
Thank you, I'll be in touch shortly.