In the Summer of 2016 I embarked on a project that would be so much bigger than I thought; the design build of my own creative studio / workshop space in East London. Little did I know it would consume my life for the next ~2 years.
Don’t Overthink It.
A simple idea, often complicated.
What started from a simple idea in 2016 escalated quickly into a full, life consuming project – to create a comfortable, vibrant studio space that creatives could work flexibly. That idea continued to evolve in the space on Hackney Road and was the host to many different events, workshops, collaborations, and pop-ups. Downstairs was a creative co-working studio space for people to come, work and create projects. Upstairs a shop front on Hackney Road taking pop-ups for events and local craftspeople.
The Build
Like many similar projects the stories start with 'I had no idea what I was doing', and I can 139% confirm this is the case here. The building was so much more dilapidated than I thought. The more I worked, the more I discovered needed more work, eventually having to knock down every wall and re-make every surface from scratch. The floor took weeks alone. Luckily, I have some wonderful, and patient, friends who were willing to spend long days and nights painting, scraping, cutting, smashing and laughing.
Everything was pretty much built from the ground up. Many of the items were by donation, local selling sites, or found on the street. The only thing I had my heart set on from the beginning was making 'focus work' booths, and to have a stained glass window inside. I worked with a talented friend Edwin Peel to build most of the interiors and with my mother Simone Kay to make the stained glass window. 
And this is how it came out...
Lunar Labs Workshops
In the evenings the space would play host to many workshops and different events. All were to champion creativity and community. One of the most popular workshops was a collaboration with the inspiring Steph Hartman who ran Collage Club.
Summer '17 was the host of the first showcase evening of acoustic music and spoken word. Featuring performances from Michael Christian Unwin, Bryony White, Dom Whalley, Matt Billingham, Christopher Unwin & Lisa Kaindé Diaz. 
Filmed & Edited by: Mikey Roselfeldt
Music track: Storm by Dom Whalley
Poem: 'Flaw' by Christopher Unwin
Mixed by: Mikey Rosenfeldt & Lorne Ashley.

Other projects: