I've been fortunate enough to design for some of my favourite artists. Below is a little overview of a work i've done with them.
I love Jono McCleery's music and loved working with him to design his latest two albums 'Moonlit Parade' and 'Here I Am And There You Are' and single cover sets.
Released on Ninety Days Records.
Album artwork for Apothek. Also here.
Album design for Monocled Man
Art Direction and design for the Brand New Heavies new project MF ROBOTS.
Logo, monogram, album, singles, vinyl, social assets. Released on BBE Records.
A collaboration with Mikey Rosenfeldt.
Artwork and typography for Susanne Sundfør's single 'Reincarnation'.
Photography by Susanne.
Proposed artwork for NML's debut album 'Comforting Sounds'.
Logo and T-shirt designs for True Strays for their new album.
Art Direction and design for the wild British punk band Bloody English.
A selection of album artwork and posters.
Proposed artwork for James Blake's second album 'Overgrown'

Other projects: